Our Story

Torched Products are made with an obsessive commitment to quality and craft. It all started with the creator himself, Charlie. From the beginning, Charlie established that we would create products with the highest quality while providing great service. Thus, Torched Products was created by his motivation to turn plain beer bottles into the new home decor.

Our Torched Candles give new life to bottles while adding a rustic flair to any space. They also make the perfect gift for the beer snob in your life. *HINT HINT* Our proprietary soy wax blend is made from only the best ingredients ensuring a superior candle with the cleanest burn. A process that involves hundreds of hours of research. The result is a crafty candle that smells a little bit like the American Dream. The best part is we have already put in the hours of work. Now, all that is left for you to do is relax and enjoy one of our candles with a cold beer. Cheers!

Not into candles, how about some hot sauce? Our Torched Hot Sauces are sure to set your mouth ablaze! Torched Hot Sauce is bottled in our beer bottles coming in four sizzling flavors; Tropical Shandy, Smoked Porter, Four Pepper Quad, and Habanero Homebrew. Now you can kick back with a beer and wings while enjoying Torched Hot Sauce's added punch of flavor. It brings a whole new meaning to GETTING TORCHED!

Now if you got this far and still not impressed, let me introduce you to our barware items! Torched Barware turns beer and wine bottles into unique items to use at your wet bar. These items instantly add a rustic flair to any room and make the perfect gift for any craft beer lover. Now say it with me, LET'S GET TORCHED!