Beer Keg Stool

These industrial barstools are both unique and practical. Everyone is instantly impressed with the design and features these stools offer. Without a doubt, these are the coolest stools you can put around you bar, table or outdoor patio. Just check out the features...


  • Weather proof design.
  • Cutout in front for resting your feet
  • Store your purse/personal items inside or fill the bottom with ice and cold beer. You never have to get up for a beer again :). 
  • As you open your beers, push the caps into the top to secure them. This creates a very cool stool top that is both comfortable and cool!  
  • The base swivels 360 degrees. Made with the toughest hardware... it’s totally prepared for hard continuous use. 
  • Black trim softens the edge, and is removable for presssure washing/cleaning. 
  • Tops is also removable for cleaning. 
  • 16” in diameter. 31” tall. 

If you’re looking for unique and functional furniture that starts conversion... The search is over...

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