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Beer Candles - That's what

Buying gifts for men can seem like an impossible task sometimes. We wax and wane over what they could possibly want that costs less than a car down payment? One item that is often given to women is candles, but rarely do we think of a candle as a good gift for the men in our lives. Well, we can all set that notion aside because beer candles are a perfect gift for men! They offer a unique look and smell that is bound to please any man. Here are nine reasons why a beer candle could be the perfect gift to give to the men in your life. 

1. Men Like Candles Too

Many of us think of candles as a girly gift item. It is true that women make up most of the candle buying, but with manly candles, such as the beer candle, becoming more widely available men are taking up a steady percentage in candle buying. In fact, in 2017, men purchased 79,000 candles each month. That is a lot of candle purchases which accounts for about 10 percent of candle sales. So, if you are wondering if a candle would make a good gift for the man in your life, the answer is YES! Men like candles too, especially ones with scents geared towards their specific fragrance preferences. 

2. They Look Manly

When you think of candles you often think of pastel colors, decorative glass containers, or the fancy candelabras and candleholders. While women may love this for decorative reasons, many men could care less about anything that reminds them of their grandmother’s house. They want candles that fit with their manly lifestyle rather than looking like they belong in a 1950’s formal dining room. This is why beer candles are a shoo-in for men’s gifts. A beer candle comes in three sizes: beer bottle, bomber bottle, or growler bottle for a true manly look. The candle’s top is cut at a 20-degree angle, so they are a delight to burn, and pastel colors are a thing of past with these labels. Making this a candle any man can be proud to own. 

3. They Smell Manly

Men are not impressed with the smell of an Ocean Breeze or Pumpkin Spice emitting from their candles. Which make these craft beer candles a great choice since their scents stray from the traditional candles. For instance, there is Barrel-Aged Brown Ale and Hard Apple Cider scents available. While the fragrance names are manly, the scents are crafted to be enjoyed by everyone. These beer candles will make a good compromise for the candle décor in your living space. 

4. A Change in Ambiance

Craft beer candles create a totally different ambiance than a normal candle. Since they are in a beer bottle container, with a beer bottle label, they give a very manly look. This makes them perfect to add to any man cave, woodworking space, office, or other areas which need a nice scent with a manly flair. Beer candles would also look great in a home with a rustic country or lodge themed décor. They offer a completely different look than the traditional candle, and that is a great thing for a man! 

5. Helping Out the Bachelor Pad

While some of us are buying for our husband or boyfriend, others are looking to get a candle for their son, nephew, or grandsons first apartment after college or his established bachelor pad. In an effort to mask the scent of dirty laundry and have his apartment look more grown up, you may want to get him a beer candle. You want to be sure to get him a candle which he will be glad to leave out and burn and these beer candles fit the bill perfectly. Even his buddies will be impressed with the scent of Blackforest Lager while enjoying a beer themselves!

6. Quit Gifting Neck Ties

Many of us fall back on a tie for a gift when we do not know what to get a man. It is a utilitarian gift that we know will be used, and let’s be real, it gives us a chance to get rid of that ugly tie he has had since 2001. Still, most men know ties are the gift of choice for the clueless man gift buyers, right next to socks. Getting him a beer candle in a scent you know he’ll love will show you put more thought into his gift than his wardrobe. Besides, someone else will get him a tie and you can still throw out that ugly tie from 2001! 

7. Long Burn Time

An 8-ounce candle, which is the size of the beer bottle, burns for around 60 hours. That is a lot of burn time for a little candle! The bomber bottle is 11 ounces and burns for 80 hours, and the growler is 28 ounces and burns for 200 hours. This means you can get a long-lasting candle at a price point that works for you. You will also be giving a gift that will last a long time. 

8. Keep Mosquitoes Away

There is a beer candle for every occasion, including the outdoors! The Citronella Saison beer candle features a beer scent with the added benefit of citronella to keep those mosquitos at bay. This candle could be used on any patio, or take it camping with the fam, for a more comfortable outdoor experience. 

9. Support USA Businesses

Many companies that craft beer candles produce their candles right here in the U. S. of A, for instance, Torched Products craft their candles in Tampa, FL. They also use an all-natural soy wax blend to ensure a cleaner candle burn. As you can see, a beer candle is a great way to give a unique made in America gift to the man in your life. There are many sizes and scents to choose from, all being made to please any man’s decorative and fragrance preference. So, get yourself or your man a great beer candle today!

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