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Sea Salt & Bay Beer Candle
Amber Spivey (Richmond, VA, US)
LOVE these candles!!

I bought my first Torched candle while visiting family in Belmont, NC, several years ago. I’ve been ordering them ever since. The Blood Orange IPA is our go-to but we branched out and tried the new summer scents and love this one!


I like them, just what I wanted

Golf Ball Display Holder
Grant Petersen (Canton, MI, US)
Looks Great!

No issues at all

Blood Orange IPA Beer Candle
Erica Johnson (Coral Gables, FL, US)

I LOVE,LOVE THIS CANDLE!!! Am on my 3rd one!

Blackforest Lager Beer Candle
Tracey Atkinson (Peyton, CO, US)

dosent last 200 hrs. was suppost to be a 3 wick only had 2. Love the smell

Mind Bending Puzzle - Emerald Elixir
LaTonia Rich (Rockville, MD, US)
Mind Bending Puzzles

These puzzles are amazing. I run a program that have a bunch of aloof teenagers. These puzzles have them actually excited, which is a big feat. I will order more because the smiles on their faces is worth it!

Wooden Portable Retail Table Display Stand
elizabeth landers (Chicago, IL, US)
Great display!

This is a great design - compact for travel and super easy to set up display!

Blackforest Lager Beer Candle
Mike Bertell (Palmdale, CA, US)
Unique and good fragrence.

I'm not much of a candsle buyer. I bought it partially for the aroma and the unique vase. I nursed it along because I wanted to use it on apecial occasions. I was so glad that you are still making the BFL beer. I bought two more, one for a gift.
I know I need to brach out and try others. How about one called "Road Trip"?
Keep up the good work. Mike

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
cam lorendo (Keene, NY, US)
It looks intimidating

and as any true puzzler knows, that's great. I haven't taken it on yet but I simply love the reactions when I just show it to people.

Love the puzzles, I bought 5.

Oops! Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle (200 PC) Imperfect/Misprint Sale!
Christopher Condit (San Francisco, CA, US)
Correct location of all pieces marked on base.

1. Pieces clearly cut while on base, a little too deep, so that there is scoring showing correct location for every single piece. I covered it with a piece of paper.
2. Wood grain eliminates 2 of the 4 possible orientations of each piece. For me this is a feature, not a bug, otherwise puzzle would be too hard.
3. Black backing of each piece bleeds to surface around edges, giving an unappealingly non-professional look.
4. Shortcomings do not ruin puzzle and are nicely reflected in price discount.
5. Puzzle fits together smoothly and is hard and fun.

Mind Bending Diamond Fractal Puzzle
Paul V (South Jordan, UT, US)
Very fun

It was not easy, but very fun to solve. The grandkids wanted to help but most didn’t have to patience to stick with it very long. Definitely one for a long winter spell.

Blood Orange IPA Beer Candle
Shauna (Lititz, PA, US)
Great Smelling Candle

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this scent; It is tangy, refreshing, and long lasting. I’ve picked this candle up several times, but have yet to get the 3-wick candle - will definitely have to pick up next time. My only issue with these is that there is no lid. I also experienced a safety hazard with one of the 3 I picked up; when the candle was about halfway down, after about 45 minutes of burning, my room smelled horrible. I walked over to the candle and it got so hot, the label was melting. I trimmed the wick before burning, so I’m not sure what happened. I threw that one out, but don’t see there being an issue if I get a 3-wick.

Blackforest Lager Beer Candle
James Palmer (Wellsboro, PA, US)
Love that candle smell and the way it burns, however…

I barely complain but the candle that I’m currently burning is not nearly as nice as others. It’s Pumpkin Porter. I have burned it 4 times now and the wick appears inferior and barely stays lit; this is without any trimming. And, actually the smell is not strong

Blackforest Lager Beer Candle
Christine Janiuk (Seattle, WA, US)
the best!

there must be something in the ingredients ... every time I lite the candle I am reminded of my dad... I just LOVE this candle!

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
David Wagner (Hart, MI, US)
Amazing Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle

My daughter and I really enjoyed doing this puzzle. It was Amazing.
David W.

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
Chuck Holman (Lodi, CA, US)

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle

$20 OFF FLASH SALE! Mind Bending Octagonal 200 Piece Fractal Puzzle
Terry T. (Seattle, WA, US)
OMG... No Way! (that's what she said)

Bought as a gift for my puzzle-loving wife... it blew her mind! Although she's intimidated by its complexity, she loves it! I can't wait to see how long it takes her to finish it. ;-)

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
Greg Pelkey (Springfield, MO, US)
100 Piece Puzzle

Product shipped when promised and quality was top notch. So much fun that we purchased another puzzle and will be giving them out to friends and family as presents.

Great gift for my 2 “puzzle “ daughters

My girls liked the puzzle. One of the girls found that the shading on the front of the puzzle helped her find the correct puzzle pieces more easily.

Diamond Travel Puzzle
Delal Makansi (Atlanta, GA, US)
Not yet worked the puzzle.

The puzzle is a gift for friend I am visiting in Spain this week. Cannot write a review without trying the product first.

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
Bonnie Cress (Seattle, WA, US)
Aztec puzzle

Loved it. Good quality! Challenging.

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
Eric Carlson (Stafford, VA, US)

Awesome, captivating and tricky!! Love them!!

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
Robert Vaughn (Westmoreland, NH, US)

I haven’t taken the puzzle apart yet to do it, but I can already tell how well it’s made!

Mind Bending Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle
Daryl Ries (Denver, CO, US)
Aztec labrinth

Great puzzle for my friend who most enjoys geometric puzzles.