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Diamond Travel Puzzle


Our travel puzzles are the perfect item for those that are always trying to stay sharp on the road! By design, these puzzles feature a creative blend of geometric shapes and mind bending patterns. This smaller version of our larger 12"x12" Diamond Fractal Puzzle allows you to take the challenge with you wherever you go!

This puzzle is hand crafted in the USA from precision-cut plywood with a brown veneer. Average completion time varies depending on the individual, but we geared this version to keep someone busy on a short flight. After all... it is sized perfectly for a tray table!   

Each puzzle measures about 6" x 6" and has 50 unique pieces.



Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Shoelaces (Williamsburg, VA, US)
Great Puzzles

Not my first puzzle from Torched but my autistic niece always loves them. Knocks them out in record time. We're trying this new one for Christmas and see if she can do it 7 times before lunch like she did the last.

kristin fowler (Alexandria, VA, US)

Diamond Travel Puzzle

Natalie Kaus (Minneapolis, MN, US)
One wasn’t enough!

Addicting and a great challenge! Bough a few to have competitions! Excellent and quick service!

Elizabeth Rapalee (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
Another added to my collection

I love these puzzles as they are the great to keep the mind active and l really enjoy them! These small ones are great for a quick puzzle fix.

K (Naples, ID, US)

Interesting puzzle. Makes a great gift!

Elaine Tyler (Omaha, NE, US)

It was fun doing it and loved the Challenge. Have ordered two different puzzles and plan to order another.

Noella Lallatin (Pittsfield, MA, US)

Since I intend the puzzles I bought for Christmas gifts, I haven't opened the package. That why I have not responded to your requests for reviews.

Hallie (Glen Rock, NJ, US)
Great puzzle and size!

This puzzle is the perfect puzzle to travel with. I’ve taken it on vacation for my kids to do in the car, plane and in hotels. It’s wood face makes it very challenging for the size. Highly recommend!

Patricia Foley (Georgetown, KY, US)
Great fun

I like doing jigsaw puzzles, so this one was a treat. It's different from the regular jigsaw puzzles and yes it is more challenging. But I did it. 5 stars. Great fun!!

Romilda Lane (Tampa, FL, US)
What are you doing?!?!

Purchased the 200 pieces hieroglyph looking puzzle and the small travel size. It took me about 4-5 days to finish the small one. Then my granddaughter came home and dropped it. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!? It is a well made puzzle and no rough edges. I will highly recommend.