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Mind Bending Alpine Chateau Puzzle


Our original Mind Bending Puzzle is back in full color!

This puzzle is hand crafted in the USA from precision-cut plywood with a soft brown veneer.

Each puzzle measures 11.3" x 11.3 and is 1/2" thick.

These fiendishly complicated puzzles are a nightmare to solve.  They make great conversation pieces and look amazing on a coffee table, just waiting for their next victim.

The back of each piece is stained in a rich ebony color so you know which side is correct, however, that won't make it much easier.  These puzzles are designed to challenge you while being fun at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wayne Davis (Tampa, FL, US)

I have not yet received. Can you check the status lease

David Cell (Traverse City, MI, US)
Next time they will be careful what they ask for

My grandsons had finished working on a large (both size and number of pieces) conventional jigsaw puzzle when I arrived for a visit a few weeks ago. They said it was fun but not hard enough. I asked if they would like a hard puzzle ... their answer was yes. So I ordered the 200 piece puzzle for them. We were down for a visit last weekend and they had started working on it. Over the weekend the 2 grandsons, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa worked on it on and off. It was almost done when we left ... just the dark area in the upper left (probably the toughest area) to go,
I asked if they would like to try the 400 piece no picture puzzle where the woodgrain is the only clue to matching pieces. They decided no right now.
Challenging but fun ... brings people together NOT on their screens.

Mary T (Winchester, VA, US)
Alpine Chateau puzzle

I love the picture, however I haven't done this puzzle, I have tons of puzzles and this one is on the list to be done soon

bonnie botsford (Buffalo, NY, US)

Fun Puzzle!

John - FL (Bradenton Beach, FL, US)
Great Puzzle

We have really enjoyed this puzzle. My wife has done it several times and this is one puzzle you can do over and over and still have fun and be challenged by it.