Oops! Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle (200 PC) Imperfect/Misprint Sale!

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Looking for a jigsaw puzzle challenge? Well, forget putting together an easy jigsaw puzzle with a picture on it and step into the advanced realm of interconnected geometric shapes when you attempt to solve these cool new Aztec Labyrinth Puzzles.

This puzzle is hand crafted in the USA from precision-cut plywood with a soft brown veneer.

Each puzzle measures 11.3" x 11.3 and is 1/2" thick.

These fiendishly complicated puzzles are a nightmare to solve, but this misprint makes it SLIGHTLY easier by providing an outline of some of the pieces.

They make great conversation pieces and look amazing on a coffee table, just waiting for their next victim.

The back of each piece is stained in a rich ebony color so you know which side is correct, however, that won't make it much easier.  These puzzles are designed to challenge you while being fun at the same time.

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Condit (San Francisco, CA, US)
Correct location of all pieces marked on base.

1. Pieces clearly cut while on base, a little too deep, so that there is scoring showing correct location for every single piece. I covered it with a piece of paper.
2. Wood grain eliminates 2 of the 4 possible orientations of each piece. For me this is a feature, not a bug, otherwise puzzle would be too hard.
3. Black backing of each piece bleeds to surface around edges, giving an unappealingly non-professional look.
4. Shortcomings do not ruin puzzle and are nicely reflected in price discount.
5. Puzzle fits together smoothly and is hard and fun.

Cindy Klein (Two Rivers, WI, US)
Great product

Just love these puzzles

Earl Hart (Virginia, MN, US)
Great Craftsmanship!

Even being a "defect" product, it's a great puzzle for those that love puzzles!

Diana Sidell (Connersville, IN, US)
Crazy fun puzzle!

I bought one of your puzzles for my middle son and it was lost in a house fire so of course I had to get another one. He leaves it out when his friends drop by and it’s a great conversation starter and activity.

Nicole Jache (Hooksett, NH, US)
Fun puzzles

I got a small travel puzzle awhile ago and loved it. Decided to get a bigger, more difficult puzzle. Absolutely love it. Took me a bit to solve it! Definitely a puzzle that i can do a few times over and have fun each time. I will be sending it to friends to see if they can solve it! Thanks Torched!

Coleen St. Marie
Oops! Aztec Labyrinth Puzzle (200 PC)

i just scraped the marks off and it is wonderful. Thank you


Harder than it looks. Thanks again;


Live these puzzles


Fun and challenging puzzle. Highly recommend. Customer service is outstanding.

JM (Douglasville, GA, US)
The Most Challenging Puzzle Ever!

I have worked on a lot of puzzles. But this 200 piece puzzle is the most challenging puzzle ever. :) Take your time and have fun.