Mind Bending Puzzle - Bavarian Castle


Our original Mind Bending Puzzle is back in full color!

This puzzle is hand crafted in the USA from precision-cut wood with a soft brown color.

Each puzzle measures 11.3" x 11.3 and is 1/2" thick.

These fiendishly complicated puzzles are a nightmare to solve.  They make great conversation pieces and look amazing on a coffee table, just waiting for their next victim.

The back of each piece is stained in a rich ebony color so you know which side is correct, however, that won't make it much easier.  These puzzles are designed to challenge you while being fun at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gwyn Whittaker (Herndon, VA, US)
Very cool puzzle

My engineering, puzzle solving family will love these as their holiday gifts!!! I saw one and couldn’t put it down.

Bob van Peufflik (Amsterdam, NH, NL)
Bavarian Castle Puzzle review

Great puzzle, very satisfying to finish and an absolutely beautiful picture on top of that.

Shaunna Robey (Williamsburg, VA, US)
It's a great family challange that takes some time

We now have 3 puzzles. The first I did solo, then the kids (all grown with families of their own), wanted to try as well. They are definitely challenging. The picture puzzle is fun however I needed to spray it so the ink would not rub off on my fingers, but wasn't a big deal. Great for the Holidays! 5+++ stars!

Peggy Dupper (Spokane, WA, US)

I LOVE the puzzles from Torched products. They are fun and challenging. This one was easier than the ones without a picture as you did not need to use the cheat sheet other than to get started.
Highly recommend! Great for family time with kids.

DB (Piscataway, NJ, US)

This puzzle has a good balance intricate areas and open spaces. The madness level took a couple weeks to finish. Would definitely recommend.

Mary McClain (Holland, MI, US)
So Far

I haven't put the puzzle together so this is a bit premature.

Patrick Kim (Hyattsville, MD, US)
Not for he faint of heart.

The Diabolical version of this puzzle definitely lives up to its name. It’s by no means for the beginner or the easily frustrated. The picture makes it doable and enjoyable for an experienced puzzle builder. If it was plain wood, it would be impossible to all but the most hardcore puzzler. You won’t regret buying this puzzle if you’re honest with yourself and get the appropriate one for your skill level.

Wayne Davis (Tampa, FL, US)

It hasn’t arrived

Kristal (Oxnard, CA, US)
Best puzzles

I love the Torched products puzzles. They are so amazing with the wood details. The Bavarian Castle is especially beautiful!

James Poiron (Bradenton, FL, US)
Not as hard as we thought

We actual found the small travel puzzle without a picture a bit harder than the castle puzzle. The picture really helps in figuring out where the pieces fit. Might be fun to cut the picture puzzles into more pieces.