Mind Bending Octagonal Fractal Puzzle


Looking for a jigsaw puzzle challenge? Well, forget putting together an easy jigsaw puzzle with a picture on it and step into the advanced realm of interconnected geometric shapes when you attempt to solve these cool new Wooden Mind-Bending Puzzles.

This puzzle is hand crafted in the USA from precision-cut plywood with a soft brown veneer.

Each puzzle measures 11.3" x 11.3 and is 1/2" thick.

These fiendishly complicated puzzles are a nightmare to solve.  They make great conversation pieces and look amazing on a coffee table, just waiting for their next victim.

The back of each piece is stained in a rich ebony color so you know which side is correct, however, that won't make it much easier.  These puzzles are designed to challenge you while being fun at the same time.

We often get asked how long it takes to solve each puzzle.  We have compiled the feedback from customers and created the chart below.  Each puzzle is designed to give you several hours of enjoyment.  The Diabolical puzzle, however, well, nobody has told us they have solved it yet.

Medium (50 Pieces) = 4-6 hours to complete
Hard (100 Pieces) = 3-5 days to complete
Diabolical (200 Pieces) = Unknown

Customer Reviews

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great gift

My puzzle solving friend is having a great time with this unusual puzzle.

Amazing puzzle

Had to wait a few days to give the review as it was a birthday present, he is
totally blown away with the quality and craftsmanship involved in making it, as am I well done to all your team we love it. I'll definitely recommend you to others and will look out for other puzzles you have thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship and quality


As always a great product

First time buyer

Good looking puzzle, love the fact it is hand made here in the USA. Will definitely buy another one in the future. Thank you.

Party favor from heckin heck

I love these puzzles! The small ones are perfect for under the table and the large ones you pull out in times of need lol. Very challenging and a great pastime on a rainy day😊


Tough 🤓👍


Mind Bending Octagonal Fractal Puzzle

Best puzzles EVER!

Not your ordinary puzzle. Great challenge for young and old!! I have become a collector... ;-)

Totes worth

Very worth it. I had fun over a month piecing together this novel concept of a puzzle, and felt gratified at the end when the whole was back together.

It's a puzzle, and puzzles are puzzles, so a cons and pros list doesn't really work out here, but I have one thing to say to you if you're considering buying it. The wooden pieces are about a quarter inch thick, and natural wood occasionally has hollow parts in it. When I got my puzzle, it had 3-4 pieces which were hollow. But this speaks to the quality of service. As soon as I reached out to support with pictures of the pieces in question, they got replacements to me within the week.

I've bought two puzzles from them (I would have bought their entire line of 200+ piece puzzles, except that other projects have taken my puzzle desk for the last year), and look forward to re-completing them and attempting the rest!

Diabolical in all the best ways

I purchased the "Diabolical" version of this puzzle (since the description of the product seemed like a challenge not-yet-met), and boy did the name live up to its reputation. Over the course of two months, I spent roughly 25-30 hours completing this beast of a puzzle. At first, all the pieces look exactly the same and its near impossible to determine where to begin or feel confident that two pieces actually fit into each other. Over time, my eyes got more accustomed to the minute details of the wood grain and it became more manageable (but by no means "easy").

As an avid puzzler, I felt that completing this puzzle gave me the most satisfaction of any puzzle I've finished in a long time. It's incredibly unique, very well constructed/cut, and lends itself as a great topic of discussion. Would I recommend this to a dedicated puzzle lover? ABSOLUTELY. But for a casual person who completes a puzzle only "once in a while," I would suggest finding a much simpler puzzle (perhaps one with a picture?). This puzzle turned into a great memory for me; it was worth every penny and I give it 5 out of 5 stars!