Quarantine Survival Kit

Who said staying at home had to be lame?  We put together the ultimate Quarantine Survival Kit to help you pass the time.

We didn't hold back on this amazing deal.  If you bought all this stuff from us separately, you would spend over $180.  You won't spend anywhere near that, and you even get the super cool and useful ammo can to put it all in.  

Plus you get FREE SHIPPING!!!

This is what you get:

  • Waterproof 50 caliber ammo can
  • Tropical Shandy Hot Sauce
  • Set of 4 Don't Fuck Up The Table Coasters
  • Citronella Beer Bottle Candle (60 hour burn time)
  • Drink Beer From Here Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  • Tops Off Bottoms Up Speed Bottle Opener
  • 6 Beer Bottle Shot Glasses with Holding Deck

For the Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, we will use your Shipping States artwork for the design unless you email us to tell us otherwise.

Customer Reviews

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PJ (Lake Forest, IL, US)

Bought one for myself and now 2 for buddies during this time. Amazing deal and collection - perfect to brighten the day now and remember this time later:)